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Holistic Services

Test Expert Plus

Your benefit - all in one

  • The comfortable allergy test: No pricking, no itching, no rushes
  • Detecting organs disbalance
  • Detecting and tracing metal intoxication
  • Time saving analysis of environmental pollution
  • Microbial status
  • Detecting inflammatory foci in the tooth area
  • Finding causes of pain conditions i.e., migraine

Test Expert Plus

Personal testing and individual therapy

We are creating a made-to-measure therapy to treat your disturbances regarding your personal diagnostic results.

Detailed investigation of the cause of disease without side effects


  • Organ function
  • Emotional condition
  • Inflammatory areas
  • Deficiencies
  • Intoxications
  • Allergy disposition
  • Causes of pain conditions

The gentle method

Getting to the bottom of disturbance in order to avoid treating symptoms only.

The Test expert plus is used via the 30-year-old VEGA- TEST method that has been completely redeveloped from even older electric acupuncture by Dr. Voll.

Using a bioimpedance measurement it is possible to measure any reproducible point of skin resistance. The test substances used in the measurement loop are answered by the change in skin resistance caused by the stimulus. This enables the practitioner to gather information about organ loads and the cause of disturbance to be discovered quickly and efficiently (i.e., rheumatoid pain conditions, exposure to insecticides and pesticides, deficiencies, food intolerance, hidden inflammatory processes).

Above all remedy tests determine the most individual, tolerable, and effective therapy.


For your health

Your preparation for a conclusive measurement:

  • Please come to your appointment calm and relaxed.
  • Tell us about your present medication
  • Please do not apply creams or lotion to your hands
  • At the day of the measurement avoid coffee, alcohol, black tea or smocking.
  • Please schedule at least 45 min for the test.


Pregnancy • Epilepsy • Pacemaker • Severe cardiac arrhythmias

* These can vary due to individual test procedure.

Med select

The gentle method

One therapy aimed straight for its goal without side effects

Bio-resonance means starting communication with life. Life means continuous change. If the organism has lost the ability to regulate itself, this usually leads to chronic illnesses, acute infections, or pain.

With bio-resonance you can intervene in regulation therapeutically to push it in the right direction. Therapy with Med select is an effective form of bio- resonance using the patient’s individual oscillations for therapy. The device utilizes frequencies emitted from the patient’s body and is able to transform these frequencies in healing signals.

Med Select

In addition, more than 5000 different healing signals stored in the device can be used to create a personal salutary impulse in order to design a straight aimed therapy activating self-healing power.


Your preparation for an effective treatment

  • Please come to your appointment calm and relaxed.
  • Tell us about your present medication.
  • The treatment is performed using electrodes on bare skin surface. Please come in clothing that can easily be taken off.
  • At the day of your treatment please avoid coffee, alcohol, black tea, or smoking.
  • Please schedule at least 15 min for treatment.
  • Drink at least one liter of plain water.
  • Experience shows that 10 therapy sessions are necessary.


Pregnancy • Epilepsy • Pacemaker • Severe cardiac arrhythmias

Your benefit

  • Scientific combination of bio-resonance and homeopathy
  • Time saving
  • immune system modulation
  • Allergy therapy
  • Improvement of skin issues
  • Relief in chronic ailments
  • Pain reduction
  • And more...
  • One therapy free of side effects

Individual therapy

A fundamental basic therapy which is matched to your personal state of health using different system-resident therapy programs.

A differentiated therapy can be performed using system- resident therapy signals. It is also possible to store therapy procedures on applicable data media.

Holistic therapy

The human organism is a complex system that can only be understood holistically. This is more important when functional disorders occur: Instead of fighting symptoms such as pain, allergies, exhaustion or lack of sleep, the causes that throw the system off balance must be identified and treated.

Prevention creates safety and leads to well being!

Bio-resonance therapy – Activating self-healing powers
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Rheumatic spectrum
  • Support for allergies
  • Asthmatic illnesses
  • Toxin and heavy metal removal
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Exhaustion
  • Pain
  • Allergies
  • Detox
  • More

You still have questions? We are happy to help you in any way - please arrange an appointment!

Vegamed Expert Plus Test and Treatment Prices

Initial Consultation + Vegamed test + 10 min Therapy

(60 minutes)

Initial Consultation + Vegamed Test + Additional Scanning

(90 minutes)

Quantum Analyzer Report


SI therapy card (recorded)



VegaTest appointment

(10-15 minutes)

MedSelect Therapy

(10-15 minutes)

Additional questions or ampoule test by request

(60 minutes)

Additional questions or test by request

(30 minutes)

After appointment consultation

$2.00 per min

Pre-paid packages

Initial Vegatest Consultation + Body Scan + 10 follow ups


Initial Consultation + Body Scan + 20 follow ups


Pre-paid packages: 15 min test and 15 min treatment follow up

(5 sessions)

(10 sessions)

(20 sessions)

Note: All packages must be pre-paid and cannot be combined with other promotions. All packages are Final sale.

For effectiveness treatments must be done for a min of 28 days cycle:


  • Acute inflammation – 3-5 treatments weekly
  • Cold – 3-5 treatments in row
  • Sinusitis – 1treatment weekly
  • Chronic inflammation – once a week

Nutrition / Wellness Coaching

Personalized Whole Foods Plant-Based Lifestyle Coaching. I provide knowledge, guidance and support you need to meet the goals you set.

Let me help you create the healthy life you want!
Initial consultation (protocol included)

(1 hour)

(30 min)

Whole Body Detox, Recharge & Balance

Full body detoxification and balancing with Photon Genie and Stimuli III.

For more information, call to book a free consultation.
(30 min)

(1 hour)

(10 x 1 hour)

A place to relax & rejuvenate body, soul and mind

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