1. RVB SKINLAB is a cosmeceutical line

  • Works at a cellular level, unlike other lines that are only on the surface.
  • Highly active, high-tech ingredients – they are naturally-derived but engineered for maximum performance.
  • All the products are formulated to specifically work on a specific skin problem through cell communication.

2. RVB SKINLAB makes your skin act the way it is supposed to

  • Changes made deep within the skin, so that your skin acts the way it’s supposed to
  • Example: mature skin will act young again, dehydrated skin will hydrate itself from within, oily skin will balance itself etc.

3. Ingredients that speak to the skin

  • It is able to work at a cellular level because of the type of ingredients, the quality and quantity of the ingredients, and the way that the ingredients are engineered to work together in harmony for the best possible results.
  • 51+3 Hyalu Complex is so important that it is listed on the jar of each and every product. This ingredient is like a nutritional supplement for the skin – it gives you everything your skin needs to be healthy, in a perfect balance.

4. Optimal Penetration

  • Use of the latest technology and formulations to ensure optimal penetration of active ingredients, to deliver the active ingredients deep within the skin where it can be most effective
  • Uses nanotechnology – the smallest particles, so that the ingredients can travel between cells to penetrate the skin

5. Clinically proven results

  • Unlike other companies this is not a perception test, or a self-diagnosis – all the tests are done in vitro. Also there are clinical trials performed at a University in Italy, by cosmetic scientists.

6. Made in Italy

  • These cosmetics are made in Italy, under stringent European manufacturing regulations that follow pharmaceutical guidelines including ISO. This means each and every batch is tested for safety.

7. Responsible care

  • RVB SKINLAB is a member of the Responsible Care program, which ensures that they follow best practices for responsible decisions for the best social and environmental impact.
  • Products are made with sustainable manufacturing processes, including solar powered manufacturing, a water recycling program to ensure clean water, and environmental packaging with paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Raw ingredients are sourced ethically, to protect biodiversity, and to support fair trade so that the communities producing these ingredients can prosper.
  • No animal testing
  • Pure cosmetics that have NO parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, ethylene glycol, phthalates, triclosan or other ingredients that reduce the purity or may be irritants to the skin.