Facial Treatments

All facial treatments are technologically advanced and include: Skin analysis ~ Deep pore cleansing ~ Extractions (if necessary) ~ Complimentary Eyebrow shaping ~ Intensive Treatment Serum ~ European Facial Massage ~ Mask ~ Eye and Lip Treatment ~ Day Protective Moisturizer.

Each facial is performed using the latest aesthetics technology machines.

All treatments are performed with an Italian dermaceutical skin care line to deeply and completely supply the skin with all its nutritional needs with the patented 51 +3 HYALU COMPLEX™. This 100 % natural, exclusive complex contains:
– 20 amino acids
– 16 vitamins
– 4 ceramides
– 6 trace elements and minerals
– 3 nucleic acids
– 3 hyaluronic acids
– 2 cell protectors

The 51 +3 Hyalu Complex restores the skins cells to repair, balance and correct the root cause of skin concern in order to keep the skin young and healthy.

DETOX Facial $85.00
Deep cleansing treatment that increases the vitality of cells with CELL DETOXIUM, an active ingredient in cell detoxification that stimulates the elimination of toxic substances and speeds cell regeneration. The first step towards healthier, more vital and radiant skin.

DE-TOX Facial

DE-TOX Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab the Oxygen Facial – Energizing & Anti Stress for all skins $90.00
A revitalizing and anti-stress treatment that provides surge of oxygen and nutrients for a fresh and bright complexion. Improves the oxygen supply to the cells, protecting their regenerating power and increasing the cell’s resistance to stress and harmful external agents. The skin is immediately more luminous, extremely soft and elastic.

Oxygen Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab Hydrating Facial – Dry, Dehydrated Skin $90.00
The aim of this facial is to refresh and restore optimal hydration to dry, dehydrated skin through cellular bio-revitalization and reactivation of one’s own hydrating genes. This restorative moisturizing treatment puts an end to the unpleasant feelings of discomfort with skin that feels stretched and dry, leaving the skin glowing and radiant.

Hydrating Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab Soothing Facial – Sensitive, Reactive, Rosacea $90.00
A treatment specifically designed to care for hypersensitive and reactive skins as well as rosacea and couperose skins. This treatment restores the skin’s natural defenses, making it less sensitive while increasing its tolerance to cosmetics and external attack. Reduces inflammation and redness leaving the skin calm, supple and moist.

Soothing Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab Purifying Probiotic Facial – Combination, oily, acne prone skin $90.00
This treatment stimulates cellular bio-revitalization, rebalancing the skin’s ecosystem. It rebalances sebum production, making dilated pores and imperfections less evident for flawless skin and a smooth complexion.

Purifying Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab Sublime CORRECTING Facial $90.00
Instant retouch facial that reduces wrinkles, pores, dullness, spots and uneven skin complexion.

Sublime Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab The Anti Age Icon Facial – Prevention & Correction $95.00

Collagen stimulating treatment enriched with Colodial Silver, Gold and Platinum Matrix plus 51+3 active ingredients to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles on the face and around the eyes and lips.

Anti Age Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab V Lift Facial $95.00
A skin lifting, tightening treatment featuring the miracle “Collagen Lift peptide” and the “Instant Lift System” to combat the loss of firmness, tone and definition in the contours of the face and neck.

V Lift Facial

WHITELIGHT Facial $95.00
A lightening facial that counteracts dark spots and brightens dull skin.The WHITELIGHT treatment contains an high quantity of vitamin C and vitamin PP to regulate the skin’s pigmentation processes and to help the formation of an even and bright complexion. The treatment also contains PRO WHITE B-SPHERES that regulate melanin production, reinforced by the Diamond Lightening Complex, increasing light reflection for instant skin radiance and counteracting the appearance of wrinkles. Treat yourself to a renewed glow.

Whitelight Facial

DIEGO DALLA PALMA Skin Lab Perfection Antioxidant Facial $95.00
A “shock treatment” that features a high concentration of pure Vitamin C, Asthantaxin and Biotin- a unique blend for brighter, younger and extremely nourished skin.

Perfection Facial

THE YOUTH VENOM Facial $100.00
An advanced treatment to relax, fill and smooth wrinkles and expression lines. A new ingredient that acts similar to the potent venom produced by a sea shell.

Venom Facial

Natural, non-invasive face lift using micro current technology equipment.
SWISS MED B-TOX Facial $95.00

swiss med b-tox facial

This treatment from Switzerland includes an Alpha-beta peel. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This peel diminishes lines and wrinkles with a pseudo Botox ingredient, stimulates collagen production, reverses signs of sun damage, refreshes and renews.